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November 7, 2012

HTR: We’ll be well represented in state Assembly

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Our view: We’ll be well represented in state Assembly
5:06 PM, Nov 7, 2012

We congratulate Paul Tittl on on his win over Jim Brey for the 25th Assembly District seat in Tuesday’s election.

We hear it in the sports world all the time, and it rings true in this situation as well — it really is a shame that one of these two had to lose. Both are good local public servants, and only one could take it to the next level.

We hope that Brey will continue to serve the Lakeshore area as a member of local governing boards. He has done well in that role for many years and we see no reason that representation cannot continue to be productive.

As for Tittl, it is now on to the Legislature and other challenges. He will, over time and after becoming acclimated to his new role, develop a leadership style and a way of interacting with and representing his constituents on the homefront.

Replacing a lawmaker with the political savvy and acumen of Bob Ziegelbauer will not be easy. Ziegelbauer, who represented the district for more than 20 years, is retiring from the Legislature and his insight into the statehouse scene and the ability to get things done quickly for our area will be missed.

Not everyone agrees with Ziegelbauer’s politics — he became an Independent in his last two-year term after wearing the Democrat moniker in his previous service — but we don’t begrudge him the courage it takes to make such a move.

We hope Tittl also will display the courage of his convictions while introducing or voting on legislation. We don’t need lawmakers who, without good reason, toe the party line in all circumstances.

We trust that Tittl will not forget that the main job of a representative in Madison is to look after our interests, not those of a political party.

Congratulations also to Andre Jacque, who won a second term in the 2nd Assembly District over challenger Larry Pruess. Both men waged a positive campaign and Jacque likely won based on his first-term record, and name recognition. Pruess was an able challenger but did not have the political wherewithal to oust the incumbent.

Interesting times are ahead in Madison and our Lakeshore area lawmakers will be right in the mix. We trust they will represent us well in the statehouse.

October 30, 2012

Billboards and mailings for 25th Assembly Election

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Brey Mail Piece 2012-11-02   



October 29, 2012

Radio Ads – 25th Assembly Election

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Tittl Radio Ad WOMT Oct. 29, 2012 (15 seconds)

Brey Radio Ad WOMT Oct. 29, 2012 (30 seconds)

Brey Radio Ad WOMT Oct. 31, 2012 (30 seconds)

October 26, 2012

HTR Panel discussion: Cross the line

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Panel discussion
6:44 PM, Oct 26, 2012
Herald Times Reporter

Cross the line
Who should Democrats vote for in the 25th Assembly race: a non-Democrat claiming to be a Democrat or a far-right Republican? Neither is palatable and neither will promote Democratic values in Madison.

There is only one logical choice: Democrats must swallow their pride and vote for the Republican. Admitting this election is lost and voting in a Republican to the Assembly is the only way Democrats can position themselves to run a candidate in 2014 who can be trusted to support Democratic values.

A “D” is not a “D” no matter what! A real “D” passionately fights for the values the “D” represents!

Carla Halvorson
Two Rivers

October 15, 2012

The Manitowoc Megaphone: Orwell Comes to Manitowoc – Why I Cannot Support Jim Brey

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October 5, 2012

HTR: Brey, Tittl both claim independent label

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Brey, Tittl both claim independent label
Two seek to replace retiring Ziegelbauer
5:38 PM, Oct 5, 2012

MANITOWOC — Paul Tittl and Jim Brey are running under the Republican and Democratic Party banners, respectively, but both stressed Thursday evening at a League of Women Voters Candidates Forum their first priority is to represent all voters of the 25th Assembly District.

It includes residents in the city of Manitowoc, western and southern portions of Manitowoc County and part of eastern Calumet County.

“I have been a maverick, independent voice on the City Council and County Board … and I will bring this down to Madison,” Brey told the audience inside Council Chambers. “I don’t represent the Democratic Party (or) the Republican Party.”

Tittl sought to portray himself in the same manner. “Would I jump ship from my party? Absolutely … I am not going to just listen to the people who elected me … I still have to represent those who didn’t elect me,” he said.

The two men are seeking to replace retiring state Rep. Bob Ziegelbauer, in his 20th year in the state Assembly, who was elected to nine two-year terms as a Democrat and, in 2010, as an Independent.

Ziegelbauer voted for Act 10, the legislation championed by Gov. Scott Walker that took away many bargaining privileges of most public sector workers, and with accompanying legislation, mandated increased employee contributions to health insurance premiums and their retirement pensions by most governmental and school district workers except police and fire.

Tittl expressed unqualified support for Act 10. “When Walker took over, the state had a $3.6 billion deficit … he had to do something to control runaway spending,” Tittl said.

Brey said Act 10 “didn’t have to be so dramatic, so divisive.” He said most public workers were willing to make concessions, would have welcomed discussion about compromise solutions but were ignored.
Job growth key

A Manitowoc alderman since 1992 and county supervisor since 1996, Brey has been with Stecker Machine in Newton for 13 years and works in shipping-receiving department.

Tittl served on the Manitowoc City Council 2004-08 and has been on the County Board since 2006. He has owned the Vacuum & Sewing Center in downtown Manitowoc since 1987.

Both candidates stressed job growth in Wisconsin as essential to moving the economy forward and providing more revenue for tight local and state budgets as new workers pay taxes.

“The government is not the answer to job creation, but part of the solution,” Brey said of public funding that can stimulate economic development. He cited his leadership in the city for offering free land in the I-Tec Park in exchange for verifiable job creation.

For Tittl, job creation is linked to taxes. “If you keep taxes low … you’ll create a business-friendly climate where businesses want to expand and add payroll,” he said.

The candidates agreed that supporting technical education, including the programs at Lakeshore Technical College, is important to aid in the state’s economic recovery and that skills training at the high school and junior high school level also should be available.
Differ on Photo ID

Brey and Tittl hold differing views on voter Photo ID legislation currently the focus of several lawsuits and not required of voters on Nov. 6 when 25th Assembly residents will choose between these two candidates, as well as President Barack Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney.

Brey said Photo ID legislation “is a solution to a problem that doesn’t really exist” with claims of voter fraud “overworked.”

“I have no problem with voter ID but here was a great chance to have the Legislature and governor compromise” and void lengthy, costly court challenges, Brey said.

Tittl said he doesn’t think it “unbelievably burdensome” for an individual to get an ID, “and if the state is willing to provide one at no cost, I’m all the more for it.”

Tittl said photo Voter ID worked fine in the the spring primary in February and upholds the U.S. constitutional provision of one person, one vote.
Attack mailers

Brey waved in his hand a direct mail piece from a group called “Citizens for a Strong America” he said branded him “flammable,” “poison,” “explosive,” and “radioactive.”

“I guess you’ve reached the big time when you’re attacked,” Brey said of the multiple mailings declaring his record “shocking and appalling.”

“The sad thing is we don’t need people from out of state trying to influence the 25th Assembly District,” Brey said.

“I had nothing to do with the mailers … I had nothing do with the group,” Tittl said. “They have freedom of speech … if they’re going to do that, that is not my doings.”

The candidates were asked if they would support so-called “right to work” legislation, which usually means laws allowing workers to skip paying union dues but receive the benefits of union-negotiated contracts.

Advocates of right to work legislation say employees have been forced into unions, but organized labor calls them “free riders.”

Brey said he would oppose any such legislation and Tittl said the government shouldn’t step into labor relations in the private sector.

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