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November 7, 2012

HTR: County votes Republican in national races

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MANITOWOC — Voters in Manitowoc County chose Republican candidates for president and U.S. senator in Tuesday’s general election, contrary to how the nation as a whole voted in both races.

In Manitowoc County, Republican challengers Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan defeated the Democratic ticket of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden by a vote of 21,581 to 20,382, according to information from County Clerk Jamie Aulik.

The county also went Republican in the race for the United States Senate seat vacated by longtime Democratic Sen. Herb Kohl who retired. Former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson received 20,620 votes to U.S. Rep. Tammy Baldwin’s 19,596 from county voters.

Other vote totals from Manitowoc County, which are final results but prior to the canvas, are as follows:

U.S. House of Representatives, 6th District

• Republican Tom Petri, incumbent – 25,402

• Democrat Joe Kallas – 14,908

State Assembly, 1st District

• Republican Gary Bies, incumbent – 134

• Democrat Patrick Veeser – 97

State Assembly, 2nd District

• Republican Andre Jacque, incumbent – 6,301

• Democrat Larry Pruess – 5,414

State Assembly, 25th District

• Republican Paul Tittl – 13,791

• Democrat Jim Brey – 10,506

State Assembly, 27th District

• Republican Steve Kestell, incumbent – 2,747

• Democrat Steven H. Bauer – 1,708

District Attorney (uncontested)

• Democrat Mark Rohrer – 30,359

County Clerk (uncontested)

• Democrat Jamie John Aulik – 31,860

County Treasurer (uncontested)

• Democrat Cheryl M. Duchow – 30,803

Register of Deeds (uncontested)

• Democrat Preston F. Jones – 31,454

Voter turnout

Voter turnout in Manitowoc County was 68 percent of eligible voters, according to Aulik. That compares to 66 percent in the 2008 presidential election and equals the 68 percent in 2004.

HTR: We’ll be well represented in state Assembly

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Our view: We’ll be well represented in state Assembly
5:06 PM, Nov 7, 2012

We congratulate Paul Tittl on on his win over Jim Brey for the 25th Assembly District seat in Tuesday’s election.

We hear it in the sports world all the time, and it rings true in this situation as well — it really is a shame that one of these two had to lose. Both are good local public servants, and only one could take it to the next level.

We hope that Brey will continue to serve the Lakeshore area as a member of local governing boards. He has done well in that role for many years and we see no reason that representation cannot continue to be productive.

As for Tittl, it is now on to the Legislature and other challenges. He will, over time and after becoming acclimated to his new role, develop a leadership style and a way of interacting with and representing his constituents on the homefront.

Replacing a lawmaker with the political savvy and acumen of Bob Ziegelbauer will not be easy. Ziegelbauer, who represented the district for more than 20 years, is retiring from the Legislature and his insight into the statehouse scene and the ability to get things done quickly for our area will be missed.

Not everyone agrees with Ziegelbauer’s politics — he became an Independent in his last two-year term after wearing the Democrat moniker in his previous service — but we don’t begrudge him the courage it takes to make such a move.

We hope Tittl also will display the courage of his convictions while introducing or voting on legislation. We don’t need lawmakers who, without good reason, toe the party line in all circumstances.

We trust that Tittl will not forget that the main job of a representative in Madison is to look after our interests, not those of a political party.

Congratulations also to Andre Jacque, who won a second term in the 2nd Assembly District over challenger Larry Pruess. Both men waged a positive campaign and Jacque likely won based on his first-term record, and name recognition. Pruess was an able challenger but did not have the political wherewithal to oust the incumbent.

Interesting times are ahead in Madison and our Lakeshore area lawmakers will be right in the mix. We trust they will represent us well in the statehouse.

HTR: Tittl wins 25th Assembly District race

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Tittl wins 25th Assembly District race
Defeats Brey to become first Republican in post since 1972
12:03 AM, Nov 7, 2012

MANITOWOC — Republican businessman Paul Tittl defeated Democrat Jim Brey Tuesday night to capture the 25th Assembly District race. At press time Tittl had captured about 60 percent of the votes counted.

The district includes the city of Manitowoc, southern portions of Manitowoc County and eastern portions of Calumet county.

Tittl becomes the first Republican to represent the city of Manitowoc in the Legislature since 1972. Bob Ziegelbauer chose not to run for an 11th two-year term after winning nine times as a Democrat and in 2010 as an Independent.

“The number one legislative priority is creating jobs and getting people back to work,” said Tittl, owner of the downtown Vacuum & Sewing Center, who lost to Ziegelbauer in 2006. “Unemployment is too high.”

Tittl started his business 25 years ago and he said the state has to create a friendly business climate for businesses, big and small. “We need to ease up on the red tape companies have to go through to expand or add jobs.”

“As we create a pro-business climate, jobs will be added and we’ll have more people added to the tax base, actually bringing in more revenue without increasing taxes,” Tittl said.

He said he would fulfill his campaign pledge that he would not to vote for any taxes increases and Tittl said he favors continuing levy limits that restrains spending at local levels.

Tittl has represented city of Manitowoc residents on both the City Council and Manitowoc County Board of Supervisors, a body he continues to serve. Now, he will represent rural citizens as well in his new Assembly seat.

“They are concerned about the same things as city people are … jobs and the economy and having a (bright) future for their kids and grandchildren,” Tittl said.

He said he would be resigning from the county board after supervisors find a replacement. All 25 county board seats, including Tittl’s, are up for election in 2014.

Brey, who works for Stecker Machine in shipping-receiving, said he will continue to serve on the Manitowoc City Council, where he is the senior member, having been first elected in 1992, and on the Manitowoc County Board, with service dating back to 1996.

“The support my campaign received from all the volunteers was very humbling,” Brey said.

He was disappointed by the direct mail attack pieces distributed in the district by an out-of-state special interest group. “We were probably outspent 5-to-1. It is a sad thing that politics has gone that way,” he said.

“As much as everybody talks about how they don’t like negative ads, they do work, are effective,” Brey said.

“We ran a clean campaign,” Brey said. He said while he is disappointed in the outcome, he isn’t ruling out another try at an Assembly seat in two years. “You never say never,” Brey said.

Charlie Mathews: (920) 686-2969 or

November 3, 2012

Manty Dems Refusing Help From Volunteers Who Won’t Support Brey Campaign (Facebook)

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Robert Abdul Aziz Dobbs → Manitowoc County Democratic Party (Manty Dems)

Unfortunately the Manitowoc Dem office is forcing people to work for Jim Brey and if you are willing to help with everyone but him, they don’t want you. I won’t help Jim Brey because I served with him on the county board and he has supported Act 10, sold out union workers in this county, and basically against all Democrat principles. But that is your loss and you have done nothing to deal with this and in fact enabled it. I am not the only one either.
While I understand your concerns, there are plenty of ways to help with various campaigns. As the moderator of this page (Amber Daugs), might I suggest contacting one of the following groups to help out…AFL-CIO GOTV Effort
Canvassing Office: Teamsters Local 662, 1546 Main Street, Green Bay, WI 54302
Contact: Meredith Place – 202-425-2791;

Also Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin is in need of volunteers in Eau Claire and Oshkosh you can email if interested in helping out in one of those locations.

Or you could contact United Wisconsin at 608-630-9575 to volunteer

You can also help by making phone calls by logging into, Select “get involved” then “make calls”. From 9AM to 9:30PM you can make calls straight from Obama’s website.

November 2, 2012

Campaign Finance Reports

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Brey Fall 2012 Pre-Election Campaign Finance Report

Tittl Fall 2012 Pre-Election Campaign Finance Report

Tittl Late Independent Fall Pre-Election 2012 Campaign Finance Reports

Tittl Special Pre-Election 2012 Campaign Finance Report

Brey July Continuing 2012 Campaign Finance Report

Tittl July Continuing 2012 Campaign Finance Report

Brey Fall Pre-Primary 2012 Campaign Finance Report

Tittl Fall Pre-Primary 2012 Campaign Finance Report

Brey January Continuing 2012 Campaign Finance Report

Starzewski post on Nature Conservancy Facebook Page

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  Bernie Starzewski   The Nature Conservancy

I have to tell you that I am more than a little shocked and disgusted that your chief Wisconsin lobbyist Todd Holschbach is supporting Jim Brey for Assembly. Brey openly opposes the storm water mandate. Video is available at showing him making those statements including comments on the Clean Water Act.

During the campaign I was endorsed by Clean Wisconsin, LCV and Sierra Club but Todd instead supported Brey.

Now he has written a letter to the editor referring to me as an “ultra left extremist”.

With your lobbyist committing such outrages in such a public way can your organization be taken seriously on any of these issues?
Do you have control over your own political agenda?

Your views: Letters

Albert Einstein said ‘the world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.’ I have to say that I hate the negative advertising and the name bashing that is going on in the local 25th Assembly District.
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Don’t be fooled by extremists
Jim Brey must be doing something right. He is being attacked by the ultra-left and the ultra-right. Both extremist groups are most of the reason why Democrats and Republicans fail to work together now at nearly every turn.There was a time in Madison and in D.C. when moderate, compromise-oriented people in both parties solved problems — and yes, actually talked with each other. As extremists on both sides gain a foothold, Republicans and Democrats become more polarized than ever, and we the people are the losers. But the extremists don’t care about this polarization because they just want to be heard; they don’t want solutions. With solutions, the extremists become insignificant.Jim Brey’s record has been misrepresented in letters to the editor of this paper by those supporting all or none, winner-take-all politics. Brey is the candidate who most represents the people of the 25th Assembly District. Don’t be fooled by the extremists. Vote Brey on Tuesday.
Todd Holschbach
 DJean Polster these days, you are a left wing extremist if you are not a republican or if you speak facts instead of rhetoric.
Bernie Starzewski Did I mention he supported Walker’s mining bill too?

November 1, 2012

HTR Brey/Tittl Letters: Nov. 1, 2012

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Herald Times Reporter
Letters To The Editor
5:07 PM, Nov 1, 2012

Can’t back Tea Party candidate
I have been receiving slick mailings from Tea Party affiliates that distort Jim Brey’s record. As part of my run for the 25th Assembly District I canvassed Jim’s district and talked with the people he represents. Most of his constituents would listen and then said they would be voting for Jim because he has been doing a good job.

On the campaign trail I saw Jim and his family work hard for the nomination. I got the feeling he has a close-knit family and he is a good father. I would rather vote for someone that is more liberal than Jim, but the choice is between him and a Tea Party-backed candidate. If you are a union member or you believe in women’s rights, the choice is clear. If you believe in helping the 47 percent that need help from time-to-time, the choice is clear. If you think there are too many Tea Party members in government already, the choice is clear.

Vote for Jim Brey!

Ron Gruett

Tittl is better Assembly candidate
I have known Paul Tittl for many years. I have always been impressed by his strong family values and his commitment to strengthening our communities. Paul will be dedicated to working with all interested parties in order to make our communities a better place to live, work, and raise our families.

While I was running for the School Board, Paul and I had many discussions about the state of education in Wisconsin. Through these discussions, I know that Paul recognizes we have wonderful educators in Wisconsin but there are also ways to reform our education system. By reforming our education system, we can improve effectiveness and make sure all children are given a chance to reach their full potential. I do believe Paul will be a dedicated state legislator who will make decisions that improve our schools and advance the quality of education in Wisconsin.

In addition to his views on education reform in Wisconsin, I also support Paul because of his commitment to protecting taxpayer dollars. He will hold the line on tax and fee increases, while also working to ensure waste, fraud, and abuse are weeded out of government programs. I also believe that his 25 years of business experience will be an asset to the 25th Assembly District because Paul understands the challenges facing small businesses.

He will remain committed to supporting job creation incentives in Wisconsin, so we can bring good jobs to the people of our community. I hope that people join me in voting for Paul Tittl on Tuesday. By supporting Paul Tittl, you will vote for a family man dedicated to supporting our families through holding the line on taxes, supporting job creation efforts, and working towards improving the quality of education in Wisconsin.

Michael Retzinger

Facts about Jim Brey’s Civility

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Here’s YouTube Video of Jim Brey saying he will bring civility and cooperation to politics, literally seconds after he’s done sniping at candidate Bernie Starzewski for never having to balance the budget of a local government. It could be part of comedy routine; if this were a national race, this clip would be on the Daily Show, with Jon Stewart deadpanning, “Yes, this is the man who will restore civility to politics.”

Here’s audio of Brey questioning the mental health of candidate Bernie Starzewski while Brey struggles to answer a question from the audience about why he admires Bob Ziegelbauer and thinks he “served our community well” as our state representative. Notice that civility-advocate Jim Brey is not the least bit ashamed of his smear; in fact, he can be heard saying, “make sure that we are filming,” just before he says it. Or perhaps he’s unaware of that civility actually means something beyond a political talking point.

Eventually Brey says that he believes that Bob Ziegelbauer served us well because he “can get along with the other side.” Someone in the audience says, “That’s because he votes with the other side!” Party chair Kerry Trask then says, “He is the other side,” and Bob Jome says, “The dark side!”

How quickly opinions change.

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