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October 31, 2012

HTR Brey Letters: Oct. 31, 2012

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Herald Times Reporter
Letters To The Editor
6:22 PM, Oct 31, 2012

Vote Brey with ‘quiet majority’
Albert Einstein said “the world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” I have to say that I hate the negative advertising and the name bashing that is going on in the local 25th Assembly District. It’s not enough to say, “I didn’t do it” with regards to the negativity – just because you didn’t do it doesn’t mean you or someone on your team didn’t know it was going to happen.

Nobody is naïve enough to believe that in this day and age. I am pleased that it is my candidate of choice who is having to deal with the negativity because he has shown himself to be above that level of negative politics and I know that he will be a force of change when he gets to Madison. Jim Brey is a man of conviction who plays fair, who truly cares about the votes he takes and the people he meets who will be affected by those votes. I know that he and his family have struggled with the stresses of campaigns and of being public servants.

I have witnessed interrupted family gatherings and know that he has missed birthdays and juggled schedules to attend his kids’ functions because he is dedicated to being available to the people he represents. There are people who don’t like things Jim has done or said, and they may be loud about it. It is up to us, the quiet majority, to remember the hard work Jim has done for this area for these many years and to do something about our state being destroyed . Do something – vote Jim Brey for 25th Assembly on Tuesday.

Heidi Contreras

Brey only one to ‘walk the walk’
This year’s election for State Assembly isn’t about party loyalty and partisan ideology. It’s about loyalty to all people of the 25th District and telling the truth. In this case, Jim Brey is the clear choice.

I’ve known both Jim Brey and Paul Tittl for a decade. I consider them both friends. I’ve worked with both of them on issues we’ve agreed on. I’ve also opposed both of them when we’ve disagreed. In the case of Mr. Brey, some of those disagreements have been quite strong. Yet, through my time knowing Jim Brey, particularly when serving alongside him on the Manitowoc City Council, my respect and friendship with Jim grew. It became clear that he didn’t have any agenda beyond doing right by his constituents.

Jim’s words and beliefs always match his actions and his record. He is someone who is committed to doing the work together. That’s the kind of change we need in Madison — someone who says “nothing is off the table” and “let’s work together.”

Unfortunately, Mr. Tittl’s rhetoric doesn’t match his actions. He can’t claim to be “independent” but at the same time claim loyalty to a special interest by signing Grover Norquist’s anti-tax pledge. He can’t say he will never raise taxes when he voted many times to raise taxes on our city council. Further, Mr. Tittl has only half-heartedly disavowed attacks on Mr. Brey by his shadowy, Texas-based, special interest allies who have no place trying to dishonestly influence our local elections.

This election is about bridging the political divide, not making it worse. It’s about a commitment to people, not special interests. Look at their records. Only one walks the walk. The choice for the 25th Assembly District is clear. That choice is Jim Brey.

Matt Kadow

Pruess, Brey are best choices
We have seen far too much partisanship in Madison. What happened to the good old days where debate, statesmanship and compromise ruled the day? Extremism has been the rule and the state has suffered through some of the ugliest moments in memory. The last thing we need in representatives is more of the unbending extremism that we’ve seen in abundance.

Instead, it would be refreshing to have representatives willing to listen to all sides of an issue, and, after careful deliberation, vote on the basis of what is best for the majority of the constituents.Within Manitowoc County we have two candidates that are most likely to meet the lofty goals mentioned above. Jim Brey and Larry Pruess have both demonstrated a concern for the average citizen and a willingness to work for the common good.

There is one very important issue on which the state has a great influence and a significant financial impact – public education. Both Jim and Larry have a fundamental belief in the importance of public education as evidenced by their involvement, Larry as a dedicated former educator and Jim as a supportive parent with two children in the public schools.

Please support Jim Brey in the 25th Assembly District and Larry Pruess in the 2nd Assembly District. Let’s encourage statesmanship, reflection and a commitment of service to the citizenry by casting your vote for Jim or Larry on Tuesday.

Bob Jome

Don’t be fooled by extremists
Jim Brey must be doing something right. He is being attacked by the ultra-left and the ultra-right. Both extremist groups are most of the reason why Democrats and Republicans fail to work together now at nearly every turn.

There was a time in Madison and in D.C. when moderate, compromise-oriented people in both parties solved problems — and yes, actually talked with each other. As extremists on both sides gain a foothold, Republicans and Democrats become more polarized than ever, and we the people are the losers. But the extremists don’t care about this polarization because they just want to be heard; they don’t want solutions. With solutions, the extremists become insignificant.

Jim Brey’s record has been misrepresented in letters to the editor of this paper by those supporting all or none, winner-take-all politics. Brey is the candidate who most represents the people of the 25th Assembly District. Don’t be fooled by the extremists. Vote Brey on Tuesday.

Todd Holschbach


  1. Today’s letters contain a lot of nice-sounding, but very vague statements about Jim Brey.

    I’m still waiting in vain for ANYTHING tangible about how Jim Brey is a Democrat.

    He supports Act 10, opposed the recalls, opposes a woman’s right to choose, opposes marriage equality and supports voter-suppression photo-ID mandates. On the county board, he embraced Bob Ziegelbauer’s right-wing agenda to drive down worker wages and benefits by out-sourcing highway department services, and by selling off and privatizing our new health care center. (Shortly after he voted to build it!)

    Jim Brey’s website and campaign materials say nothing about his positions that actually uphold Democratic Party values!

    His materials DO contain lots of nice-sounding vague statements about working together and civility, which unfortunately for him, are undermined by his long track record on the city council and county board.

    His record of civility and working together is a myth. At the Dem debate where he claimed he was running on civility and cooperation, he then questioned his opponent’s mental health by asking “Are you all there?”

    View more letters, facts and discussion at:

    Comment by rkossik — November 1, 2012 @ 7:36 am

  2. Gee, now I’ve been branded an “ultra left extremist” by a lobbyist for The Nature Conservancy in support of a candidate who opposed storm water run off control!

    Nature Conservancy was branded as an environmental terror group by Dick Cheney.

    Comment by Bernie Starzewski — November 1, 2012 @ 8:57 am

  3. More HTR Comments:

    Carla Halvorson · Top Commenter
    Re: Brey
    The objection to Brey isn’t about partisan politics. It’s about HONESTY.

    If Brey is an Independent as he claims, then he should have run as an Independent. Instead, he chose to run as a Democrat while espousing Republican ideals.

    To quote the all-famous campaign line “If we can’t trust ________ to ______________, then how can we trust him in Madison?”…….If we can’t trust Brey to be honest with us about his beliefs NOW, then how can we trust him in Madison?

    We can’t.

    The delicious irony would be for Brey to be elected and to make fools of the Democratic Party like a certain other fake Democrat has done for 20 years.

    I’ll bring the tissues.
    Reply · 4 · · 5 hours ago

    Bernie Starzewski · Top Commenter · UW-Manitowoc
    I cant let it pass without commenting on Todd Holsbach’s open support for Jim Brey.

    Todd is the chief Wisconsin lobbyist for The Nature Conservancy whose main issue is clean water.


    Yet, Jim’s big fiscal talking point is the storm water mandate which is strongly supported by his employer!

    I guess politics makes strange bedfellows.
    Reply · 2 · · 4 hours ago

    Bernie Starzewski · Top Commenter · UW-Manitowoc
    Its also interesting to note his comment on political extremists. Nature Conservancy was one of the organizations branded as eco-terrorist supporting groups by Dick Cheney.
    Reply · 2 · · 4 hours ago

    DJean Polster · Top Commenter
    Mr. Brey is not above negativity. In the primaries, the man yelled at the top of his lungs to another candidate “Are you all there?”. If this is not negativity, if this is not uncivil, you have a very odd definition of those words.
    Reply · 1 · · 4 hours ago

    Comment by rkossik — November 1, 2012 @ 1:56 pm

  4. Robert Dobbs Facebook/HTR comment on Jim Brey and Todd Holschbach

    Robert Abdul Aziz Dobbs · Top Dog at Me
    Kind of ironic that a lobbyist, Todd Holschbach, finds it appropriate to call others extremists and that Jim Brey must be doing a good job because of so-called extremists on both sides opposing him. What he fails to reflect is that both Progressives and Tea Party have separate paths but have a similar resolve: care about responsible government, proper utilization of government resources, integrity in our elected officials, recognizing the rule of law, etc. Though both are very different, they both stand against the corporatist shill that has become our two party system and Jim Brey is very much a part of that corporatist system.

    Jim Brey is for Jim Brey and if he could be corrupt without consequences, he would. Corruption is falsifying the Manitowoc Health Care Center’s debt in a manner in order to sell it when the facility …See More
    Reply · 2 · · 2 hours ago

    Comment by rkossik — November 1, 2012 @ 1:57 pm

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