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October 30, 2012

Carla Halvorson: Oct. 30, 2012

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Brey not a true Democrat
5:29 PM, Oct 30, 2012
Herald Times Reporter
Letters To The Editor

Jim Brey is not a Democrat. Some would say that statement is continuing “one of the most negative and shameful campaigns this community has ever seen,” or that “so-called Dems in our community … appear to be the epitome of sour grapes.” I, and others, are tired of all the coverups and hidden truths that have become hallmarks of today’s political climate!

What is a Republican? A Republican is pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, pro-business, was opposed to the recalls, and supports Act 10, generally speaking. Those are also characteristics of Jim Brey, as indicated by Brey himself during campaign forums and in statements and votes he’s made while on County Board and City Council.

Brey is not a Democrat. If he was a Democrat, he would be pro-choice, pro-marriage equality, pro-union and pro-worker, would have supported the recalls, and would be against Act 10. But he’s not.

Stating the truth with solid supporting evidence is not negative, nor is it sour grapes. The only shameful part is people trying to keep the truth hidden from voters, then getting upset when it does get out.

And we wonder why our political system is in the shape it is.

Carla Halvorson
Two Rivers

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