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November 1, 2012

HTR Brey/Tittl Letters: Nov. 1, 2012

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Herald Times Reporter
Letters To The Editor
5:07 PM, Nov 1, 2012

Can’t back Tea Party candidate
I have been receiving slick mailings from Tea Party affiliates that distort Jim Brey’s record. As part of my run for the 25th Assembly District I canvassed Jim’s district and talked with the people he represents. Most of his constituents would listen and then said they would be voting for Jim because he has been doing a good job.

On the campaign trail I saw Jim and his family work hard for the nomination. I got the feeling he has a close-knit family and he is a good father. I would rather vote for someone that is more liberal than Jim, but the choice is between him and a Tea Party-backed candidate. If you are a union member or you believe in women’s rights, the choice is clear. If you believe in helping the 47 percent that need help from time-to-time, the choice is clear. If you think there are too many Tea Party members in government already, the choice is clear.

Vote for Jim Brey!

Ron Gruett

Tittl is better Assembly candidate
I have known Paul Tittl for many years. I have always been impressed by his strong family values and his commitment to strengthening our communities. Paul will be dedicated to working with all interested parties in order to make our communities a better place to live, work, and raise our families.

While I was running for the School Board, Paul and I had many discussions about the state of education in Wisconsin. Through these discussions, I know that Paul recognizes we have wonderful educators in Wisconsin but there are also ways to reform our education system. By reforming our education system, we can improve effectiveness and make sure all children are given a chance to reach their full potential. I do believe Paul will be a dedicated state legislator who will make decisions that improve our schools and advance the quality of education in Wisconsin.

In addition to his views on education reform in Wisconsin, I also support Paul because of his commitment to protecting taxpayer dollars. He will hold the line on tax and fee increases, while also working to ensure waste, fraud, and abuse are weeded out of government programs. I also believe that his 25 years of business experience will be an asset to the 25th Assembly District because Paul understands the challenges facing small businesses.

He will remain committed to supporting job creation incentives in Wisconsin, so we can bring good jobs to the people of our community. I hope that people join me in voting for Paul Tittl on Tuesday. By supporting Paul Tittl, you will vote for a family man dedicated to supporting our families through holding the line on taxes, supporting job creation efforts, and working towards improving the quality of education in Wisconsin.

Michael Retzinger

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