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November 7, 2012

HTR: We’ll be well represented in state Assembly

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Our view: We’ll be well represented in state Assembly
5:06 PM, Nov 7, 2012

We congratulate Paul Tittl on on his win over Jim Brey for the 25th Assembly District seat in Tuesday’s election.

We hear it in the sports world all the time, and it rings true in this situation as well — it really is a shame that one of these two had to lose. Both are good local public servants, and only one could take it to the next level.

We hope that Brey will continue to serve the Lakeshore area as a member of local governing boards. He has done well in that role for many years and we see no reason that representation cannot continue to be productive.

As for Tittl, it is now on to the Legislature and other challenges. He will, over time and after becoming acclimated to his new role, develop a leadership style and a way of interacting with and representing his constituents on the homefront.

Replacing a lawmaker with the political savvy and acumen of Bob Ziegelbauer will not be easy. Ziegelbauer, who represented the district for more than 20 years, is retiring from the Legislature and his insight into the statehouse scene and the ability to get things done quickly for our area will be missed.

Not everyone agrees with Ziegelbauer’s politics — he became an Independent in his last two-year term after wearing the Democrat moniker in his previous service — but we don’t begrudge him the courage it takes to make such a move.

We hope Tittl also will display the courage of his convictions while introducing or voting on legislation. We don’t need lawmakers who, without good reason, toe the party line in all circumstances.

We trust that Tittl will not forget that the main job of a representative in Madison is to look after our interests, not those of a political party.

Congratulations also to Andre Jacque, who won a second term in the 2nd Assembly District over challenger Larry Pruess. Both men waged a positive campaign and Jacque likely won based on his first-term record, and name recognition. Pruess was an able challenger but did not have the political wherewithal to oust the incumbent.

Interesting times are ahead in Madison and our Lakeshore area lawmakers will be right in the mix. We trust they will represent us well in the statehouse.

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