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October 24, 2012

Zachary Barneson, Oct 24, 2012

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Questions Paul Tittl’s no-tax-hike pledge
6:03 PM, Oct 24, 2012
Herald Times Reporter
Letters To The Editor

Paul Tittl is running for State Assembly pledging he is the candidate that will never, ever increase taxes. But the Paul Tittl that served on the City Council not long ago voted with the majority to increase our taxes on several occasions, leaving our city in a world of hurt in the debt/deficit department.

So you have to ask yourself, which Paul Tittl is running for State Assembly? The one who will never raise taxes or the one who did raise taxes?

Jim Brey is honest; vote Brey on Nov. 6.

Zachary Barneson

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  1. Response on HTR website by Robert Dobbs:
    Take it from someone who served with both, Tittl at least never lied, cheated, or backstabbed in the manner Jim Brey did on the county board. Brey votes to use taxpayer money to build a new healthcare center and then a couple of years later sell at a fire sale price, costing the taxpayers more money. With nursing homes doing outpatient rehab, the healthcare could be breaking even now but that wasn’t good enough for Brey. That is no different with the Manitowoc Hotel site either. The people who took that over got the building for under $100,000 and Brey had the county finance it for the buyer, then we had to allow them to TIF District it and use more taxpayer dollars, and then the owners got Federal and State taxpayer dollars in addition to everything else. So to say Brey is better is beyond a joke.

    Comment by rkossik — October 26, 2012 @ 7:24 am

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