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October 25, 2012

Karen Wittmus, Oct. 25, 2012

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Brey won’t lie, even to mother-in-law
4:53 PM, Oct 25, 2012
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Remember when you were little – or your kids were – and you watched Sesame Street? There was always a word of the day – like “Cooperate.” Remember what it means?

Like most of you, I’m really tired of all the negative political ads. From Washington down to little Manitowoc all we hear is the “I’m right and you’re wrong – my way or no way” narrative. I have a mental picture of little kids with their arms crossed saying that if we won’t play their way they will take their ball and go home. Wake up people – if we don’t learn to “cooperate” we’re going to be stuck in this miserable economy for a very long time.

On the local level, I’m so tired of the attacks on Jim Brey. There are the out-of-staters who are spending a fortune to smear his good name and the so-called Dems in our community who appear to be the epitome of sour grapes. Enough already. Jim is a man who is willing to listen and do all that he can to reach a decision that is best for our whole community. He’s given years to the city and the county because he cares, and he will not lie – even though at times it would be a lot easier to do so.

OK, here’s the disclaimer. Yes – I am his mother-in-law. On more than one occasion over the years he’s given me political answers that he knows I’m not going to like. Trust me, if he’s willing to face the wrath of his mother-in-law by telling the truth he’ll tell it to everyone. Let’s elect someone who is honest and who cares about our community. Join me in voting Jim Brey on Nov. 6.

Karen Wittmus


  1. This letter is a good representation of the Jim Brey campaign.

    Ms. Wittmus writes a letter complaining about negative campaigning and then calls us “little kids with their arms crossed” and “so-called Dems”. That’s just like Jim! At the Dem debate, Jim Brey said he was running on civility and cooperation, and immediately proceeded to smear his opponent by asking “Are you all there?”

    Let’s talk about “so-called Dems”. Who is the real so-called Dem? Jim Brey opposes most of the Democratic Party platform, but he is quite eager to exploit the Democratic label. In what way does that make him a Dem? Although he has been an elected official for over 20 years, he hasn’t supported the local Democratic Party in any way that I know of. He hasn’t come the meetings where we plan our dinner fundraisers. He hasn’t contributed to the party which allows us to afford our local headquarters that he nonetheless is happy to use as his campaign office. He has never emptied the trash, or helped haul in the furniture, or brought in food, or done any of the chores at headquarters. That is, until now, when it serves his purposes.

    Comment by rkossik — October 26, 2012 @ 11:53 pm

  2. More HTR comments:

    Robert Abdul Aziz Dobbs
    He won’t lie, even to his mother-in-law? That doesn’t say much for you then because Jim Brey has done nothing but lie to me and the citizens of Manitowoc County. I have been in the face of his corruption and lies on the county board and seen many people lose their jobs thanks to his lies.

    As far as a Democrat, that is a bigger lie and joke. Sorry to see the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
    Reply · 3 · · 20 hours ago

    Bernie Starzewski
    During the debate over the Manitowoc County Health Care Center privatization Brey clung to the assertion that the center was running a 3 million dollar deficit. Only the center had never run such a deficit prior to that year, the HTR had already reported that more than half of the 3 million appropriation was packed with reserve funds for other purposes and the union had already agreed to concessions that made up for the differences.

    Not only that, the bond for the MHCC was not justified based upon its own needs and revenues. Rather it was justified upon the tax revenue to be generated by Harbortown Mall which needed the old Center’s property for the development. The County was to get the center for free according to that deal. It was strange that Mr. Brey should have forgotten (and even denied) this since he was on both County board and City council at the time the deal was made and supported it at both ends based on those very justifications.

    Manitowoc County taxpayers took the nine million dollar hit after forking out 15 million on Mr. Brey’s judgement.
    Reply · 2 · · 11 hours ago

    Bernie Starzewski
    Back in 2009 when we were at the depth of the Great Recession I questioned Jim about whether or not County Exec Bob Ziegelbauer had applied for any stimulus money for his then proposed new emergency building. Jim assured me that he had. I fact checked this with County Clerk Jamie Aulik to discover what if any stimulus applications had been made. No such application had ever been made.

    I have had many such conversations both public and private with Mr. Brey. At no time was I ever able to discover him telling the truth about anything.

    Ill be happy to produce the emails should anyone like to see them.
    Reply · 2 · · 11 hours ago

    Bernie Starzewski
    In an attempt to staunch the bleeding over the PPP scandal when candidate Carla Halvorson called for the release of PPP’s employment records then county board chair Jim Brey stood up at the debate (and on video) accused Ms. Halvorson of violating HIPPA laws in order to further he candidacy. HIPPA stands for Health Information Privacy Protection Act and refers to medical records and NOT employment records. The accusation was a lie.
    Reply · 2 · · 11 hours ago

    Richard Luchsinger
    I couldn’t justify voting for brey or tittle today. brey is just another zigg.
    Reply · 1 · · 11 hours ago

    Bernie Starzewski
    During the PPP nepotism and payola scandal Mr. Brey cut off discussion using his power as chairman to stop the investigation refusing to turn it over to the DA.
    No one has ever been held accountable.
    Reply · 2 · · 11 hours ago

    Comment by rkossik — October 27, 2012 @ 8:33 am

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