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October 25, 2012

Shannon Wall, Oct. 25, 2012

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Anti-Brey mailings are dirty politics
4:52 PM, Oct 25, 2012
Herald Times Reporter
Letters To The Editor

I went to my front porch the other day to find a political flier from Jim Brey, candidate for Assembly, stuck in my porch railing. It had a very nice picture of Jim with his wife and children and several statements about what he would do if elected to the State Assembly.

This all-positive piece was dropped off by one of Jim’s many volunteers — a low-cost alternative to expensive mailing campaigns. Then I grabbed my mail and found a large, glossy, dark-colored card with a skull and crossbones and “POISON” label on it attacking Jim Brey. I have since received three more of these sleazy mail pieces, all criticizing Jim Brey and none critical of his opponent, Paul Tittl, the other 25th District Assembly candidate.

The anonymous funders of these cards are traced to Texas via Columbus, Wis. These dark-themed cards are expensively produced in glossy format and put out by supporters of Paul Tittl. I was later told by Brey’s wife that their 13-year-old son retrieved the skull and crossbones scare-piece out of their mail and came to her very upset that his dad was the subject of what is known (with a wink and a nod) as an “independent expenditure,” and can better be described as a back-alley attack on a candidate and his/her family.

Yes, politics unfortunately has become a very dirty game. Up until now though, local races in the Manitowoc area have managed to avoid this kind of disgusting assassination. Mr. Tittl has said he disavows these mailings and we can all make our own judgments on that, but the simple truth is that “negative works” in the campaign world. Prove the purveyors of this nasty stuff wrong and vote Jim Brey for a positive change on Nov. 6.

Shannon Wall

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